Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Good Day in Cambodia

Today a visit to Tonle Sap the lake fed by the Mekong. This was the first opportunity for students to see rural life as it is lived today in Cambodia. I don't think they liked it much. The villagers farm and fish and the whole place seems a bit desperate although there is a school and a hospital there. Our boat took us out onto the lake where we were able to see the floating village their composed of Cambodian and Vietnamese sections. The lake is beautiful but low as this is the end of the dry season. Also, apparently the Chinese have built hydro-electric facilities which restrict the water flow. I will post photos but it's been a little difficult to do so thus far.

Tomorrow we build a composting toilette for a local village through the place where we stay. If I haven't said so before The Villa is an amazing place. It donates profits to charities and development work. It's a great place to stay.

Yesterday, we visited Pra Khaen which is one of my favorite temples in the Angkor Thom complex. Below is a link to the video I shot there.

On Thursday we'll travel by bus to Phnom Penh to visit the killing fields.

Students are wanting to go to Bangkok although things remain sketchy there. We'll see how it goes.

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