Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tiger Temple

I have been to the Tiger Temple north and west of Bangkok four times. Each time I think I won't go in and every time I do. And, every time I enjoy myself.

This year there were more tigers and more cubs. They had added the opportunity to go to a pond and watch the tigers play. I often felt sorry that the tigers were so lethargic during the photo session. You'll note in the pictures that they seem so out of it. However, when they are released to go to the pond things change quickly. All the tigers we say (11 or 12) were under two years old and they played like the kids they are. I'll try to post some video so you can really see what they are like at play.

The drive there and back is about 2.5 hours each way. It was a very good but a tiring day.

Today we'll see Oliver Kittipong at Young and Rubicam. Tomorrow, Nai who works for the Thai government.

For those who are reading, everybody is doing very well and learning quite a lot. We had a good chat with a British restaurant owner who was on Soi 11 where we stay during the riots. His descriptions are scary and interesting.

Each day there are more and more people on the streets and things are beginning to look normal again.  We are safe and happy.

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